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Pretend City Scholarship Program Field Trips

The Pretend City Scholarship Program was created to assist those with the deepest need and to reduce potential barriers to museum use for all schools and children’s programs. Through the Pretend City Scholarship Program, Pretend City has set aside funding to provide scholarship field trips to qualified Title I schools and government funded programs.

Applications are reviewed and scholarships are allocated based upon greatest need. Applicants are welcome to apply on a yearly basis. All recipients agree to the following:

  • Conduct a student/child pre and post visit test
  • Guide chaperones (parents, teacher’s aides, etc.) to conduct a post visit chaperone survey
  • Complete a post visit teacher’s assessment and survey

Outcomes and measurements are vital to the success and future funding of the program, therefore, all award recipients must confirm in writing that they agree to all terms and conditions of the award.

Scholarship Field Trip Offerings

Pretend City is proud to offer a variety of guided field trips to our Pretend City Scholarship Program schools. The following are all offerings and field trip options that your school could potentially be awarded.

Scholarship Field Trip FAQ’s

Scholarship Field trip visit days are offered on: Monday through Thursday

* Please note that scholarship field trip visits are not offered on Fridays, Pretend City block out dates, and national holidays.

Field Trip Cost: For those Title I Elementary Schools with 75% or more students on the Free of Reduced Lunch program, preschool classrooms in government assisted programs, community organizations (such as group foster care), Pretend City will accept applications and award accordingly to provide field trips at no charge.

Transportation Costs: Pretend City may have limited funding available for various levels of bus subsidies. Please indicate on your application if transportation funding is essential in order for your school/program to participate in the WELCOME Groups program as this may affect your eligibility.

Length: 3 hours, including ½ hour lunch time

General Field Trip Itinerary and Times*

Guided Field Trip (groups of 30 or less):
9:15 – 9:30a.m.
9:30 – 10:00a.m.
10:00 – 11:30a.m.
11:30a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Arrival & Community Codes
Guided Field Trip Lesson
Free Exploration


Group Size: Chaperone/Child Ratio Requirements:
Minimum: 15 students
Maximum: 60 students
Children 0-2 years: 1 Chaperone/ 3 Students
Children 3-8 years: 1 Chaperone/ 5 Student
Children 8+ years: 1 Chaperone/ 10 Students

For more information please review our Pretend City Scholarship Program Field Trip Frequently Asked Questions.

General Field Trip Information