Address: 29 Hubble, Irvine, CA 92618 (Get Directions) Phone: 949.428.3900 Hours: Tues. - Sun. 10a.m. - 5p.m. Monday 10a.m. - 1p.m. Ages: Infants to 8 years old

Emergency Services

For so many children today, the sound of an ambulance or fire truck means only that someone needs help. In Pretend City, children will experience first hand what really happens in an emergency as they pretend to be firefighters, dispatch operators, and police officers. When 911 calls are received at the dispatch desk, the calls will be routed to the fire and police stations, where children will zoom to the rescue in a child-size police car or fire truck. They can jump into action and save the day, hooking up their hose to the hydrant to fight blazing fires or rushing to help someone at the scene of a fender-bender. Then back to the firehouse and police station they will go, to prepare for the next emergency.

When I pretend to be a firefighter and police officer my brain makes learning connections to:

  • Strength, balance, and large muscle coordination (legs, torso and arms)
  • Use energy in a constructive way
  • Use concepts of speed, direction and location
  • Negotiate and take turns
  • Solve problems
  • Develop self-confidence, as skills are mastered

When I play with the fire truck and the fire hose, my brain makes learning to:

  • Concepts of shape, size, length and location, all reading and math skills
  • Create and repeat patterns; a math skill
  • Exercise imagination
  • Express ideas
  • Cooperate with others

When I play the role of the dispatcher, my brain makes learning connections to:

  • Express myself using words
  • Experiment with different adult roles
  • Solve social problems through negotiation with others
  • Sort and organize play things
  • Improvise and use things in a symbolic way to represent something else (abstract thinking)
  • Carry out ideas with the cooperation of others
  • Exercise imagination and creativity
  • Solve social problems through negotiation with others (Teamwork)
  • Follow the development of thoughts and ideas in the plot of a story
  • Predict outcomes based on a sequence of events
  • Appreciate different cultures and languages