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Our Home

The home is at the heart of every family and it is no different at Pretend City. The goal of the Our Home exhibit is to reflect the rich diversity of Orange County families and will showcase elements of our county”s many cultures within our community. Our home is a place where families can see the likenesses and differences between each other. Three times a year, the Pretend City Home exhibit will completely change to reflect the “real” lives of a featured Orange County family. Your family could be next to move into Our Home! The Our Home exhibit showcases the featured family”s customs, decor, rituals, celebrations, food, and even their challenges and successes.

Featured Family

The Featured Family of the Our Home exhibit invites the community with the opportunity to get a glimpse inside of their own home. Pretend City creates a video which plays in the exhibit for approximately four months. The video is a documentary film that captures a “day in the life” of the Featured Family. It is so inspirational to see how children in the featured family videos express in their own words and sentiments their experiences, customs, celebrations, rituals, etc.

Please keep in mind that the goal of our Featured Family videos is not to focus on a house but rather the people who live in the house which make it a home. Pretend City Children”s Museum celebrates beauty and richness of Orange County families each day in Our Home.

Please click below to meet the Our Home Featured Families and view their videos:

Featured Family

Spring 2014 – The Chew Family


Fall 2013 – Mollet Family


Spring 2013 – Janstas Family


Spring 2012 – Andrews Family


Winter 2011 – Meyers Family


Fall 2011 – Peczon-Rodriguez Family


Summer 2011 – Vest Family


Spring 2011 – Chavez-deCosta Family


Fall 2010 – Trapedo Family


Summer 2010 – Bhasin Family


Spring 2010 – Tran Family


Winter 2009 – Perez Family

Become the Next Our Home Featured Family

As the Featured Family you would be opening up your home and providing the museum”s guests with a chance to see how diverse our community is. Every culture, race, and religion helps to educate us all and provide an opportunity to learn about one another. For giving us this, Pretend City Children”s Museum will in return offer your family an Family Membership to the museum (generally a $300 membership). This membership includes all of the following benefits:

  • Unlimited Admission for one (1) year for a family of up to six (6)
  • Exclusive members-only hours: Everyday 9:00 am to 10:00 am
  • 10% discount in Mini-Mall
  • 10% discount on classes, workshops, and other educational programming
  • 10% discount on Birthday Party Packages
  • Invitations to two (2) members-only events per year
  • Four (4) free guest passes per year
  • Subscription to e-newsletter
  • Subscription to members-only e-newsletter

We encourage you to take the first step to becoming the next Our Home Featured Family by completing the Featured Family Interest Questionnaire. Our goal is to collect some background information about your family. Once Pretend City Children”s Museum receives your questionnaire we will review it and if we decide to move forward we will schedule an interview to meet your family. In the interview we would like your family to share the various aspects of your lives. We will also capture a short portion of the interview on film.

If your family is selected we will continue with the exhibit building process setting up dates to schedule recordings, meetings to discuss décor, and many more exciting events.